Teknowise Global is one of the leading data entry service providers in India. Our data entry services include data conversion, data manipulation,data extraction, data cleansing catalogue data entry and data processing. Data entry, in current scenario has become a basic and inseparable aspect of the business world. Effective data management is mission critical for businesses and organizations. Teknowise Global data entry online and offline, is the key to efficient and successful business data management.based in India offers a wide range of back office and Information Technology Enabled Services namely data entry, data processing and data conversion that are equivalent to global standards in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

Our Data Entry Services

Online Data Entry
Offline Data Entry
MS Access Data Entry
Excel Data Entry Services
XML Data Entry
Web Data Entry

Like most organizations, you depend on receiving timely, accurate information. You also understand that data collection from documents, digital images, or the Internet can be a real hassle. It is time-consuming and robs you of valuable resources better utilized in your core business.
Data Entry India has earned world wide recognition for speed of response and quality of service. Data Entry Companies are proud of providing the safest and most reliable service to our customers to all major regions of the world. Today, Data Entry Service furnish quality Data Processing Service, Data Conversion Service and Web Research Service for Offshore Projects within a reasonable period of time with 100% Accuracy.


Technical Support

Technical support services are all about educating customers on technicalities of different products and helping them in resolving an issue when the product malfunctions.


Helpdesk receives technical issues through ticketing system. Tickets are raised via calls or emails and it's support team addresses each ticket one by one.

Our Service Quality :

Quality Assurance is a stringent process that we rigorously implement at Invensis. Through this, we aim to ensure that our professionals perform a round of quality checks and implement double data entry to verify and achieve the maximum possible accuracy of data. We are the exact one to help your businesses in this capacity and data entry services are just one of our many services we offer to businesses looking for data accuracy, quick turnaround time and affordability. Whether you are conducting market research, managing a large direct mail marketing program, or simply have boxes of paper documents you need to be converted into electronic format, our dedicated staff of professionals are prepared to get the job done.

What Makes Our Service Unique?

Our team of data entry specialists, QA analysts and subject matter experts work together to handle both online and offline projects and thus meet your needs within the specified time. We have years of experience in handling highly challenging data entry projects. This expertise helps us to easily handle and streamline your task.